Wednesday, November 7, 2007

If we win, is there anyone left in Alabammy to beat? Troy, Awbern, etc.

Hard to tell, when you don't get to watch the game on TV or see much in the way of highlights. I guess the important thing is that we won, and we knew it was going to be a struggle. You hate to see how we were shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers, but it had to come at some point. That offense can't always bail the defense out (remember the USC game?). Knowshon Moreno has been a real bright spot this whole season, and it's awesome to finally have a guy that can deliver as a playmaker running back. We haven't had something like that since Robert Edwards in the mid-to-late 90's. Still, you come back to defense, and it's bothering that the defense is soooo leaky. This is totally uncharacteristic for UGA football to have such a weak defense, but I have to think that it all starts with our inability to get tough against the run, and the fact that we don't have a whole lot of defensive players that really scare anyone (Thomas Brown, Greg Blue, Odell, Champ, Boss, etc.).

Fortunately, our opponent this week hasn't exactly been an offensive juggernaut, so that may help. We took 'em to the woodshed last year in their house in the rain, and it took several months for Brandon Cox to get right after that game.

About this whole blackout thing, apparenlty it was asked for by the seniors, but I agree with others out there that is a gimmick thing that Big Ten schools do. We don't do that in the BIG SEC, because we don't have to. Also, the black makes us look more like South Carolina, and that just sucks, because "they've got a Jasper, a Casper, a Succop, and a Smelley." If that's what the players want, then that's what they get.


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