Sunday, August 31, 2008

Platesetters and grilldomes versus BGE

I hadn't figured out indirect cooking that well on the dome, and I'd broken a pizza stone or two in the meantime. I decided to do what about a bunch of eggheads do, and that's go out and buy a platesetter. I cooked on it a few times with the legs up and turned out some wonderful chickens and barbecue. Then I noticed the crack on my firebox and fire ring. The fire ring held up, but the box did not, promptly splitting in two pieces. It's still functional, but it's fragile. All this two months after having it.

I called and talked to the folks at Grilldome, and they thought it was the platesetter not allowing enough space around it, and setting a severely hot fire in the bottom with a cooler dome temperature. I'm not convinced but they're sending me a new one anyway. What I can't understand is the huge difference between BGE and GD with regard to how they are constructed on the inside. Should be about the same. Both have the fire rings and boxes.

The other thing I was doing was lighting using isopropyl alcohol. If you think it sounds like a good idea, it's not. I think there's too much heat shock as the dome temp gets to 700+ in a few seconds with this method. Now my indirect setup is a doubledecker grate that you flip upside down, put a drip pan on this, and there you have it. I've also noticed that it's harder to get it to that low temp with shutting the whole thing down for a while and then opening to paper thin slits. I guess I could put a pizza stone on it, and I ordered from GD which should be more heat resistant than the other ones that I had. Anyone have any comments?