Friday, December 21, 2007

Light posting lately, huh?

Don't worry, it's about to pick up. I've got a bunch of great stuff to put on here. We had a little bit of a medical scare with a "team" member near and dear to our hearts, but all is well for now. Just to wish everyone (all 2 or 3 of you) Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I do have to tell you that I have found that Napster is worth whatever it costs if not for one thing only that I found tonight (and all you Dawgs will know what I'm talking 'bout)

Kinchafoonee Cowboys
1991-1994 The Album
Eggs, Toast, Grits and Bacon...Nawww honey, I ain't fakin'....
I gave her the ring...she gave me the finger!!!!!
Hell yeah!

Upcoming recipes:
Beef bourgignon, Bourdain style
Big 'ole pot of Mexican, trust me, it's good
Homemade tamales, Velazquez-stylee
Bowl stuff, Christmas goodies, etc.

As it's obvious that I'm about the only one able to post these days, I must say that DOG's about to get a little bro of his own, and that might slow things down a little bit, but hopefully not much. We'll see how it goes. "Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms." I'd bet JW is the only one that knows what that's from.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Breaking news: UGA loses beauty pagaent to drunk Cajun in purple.

Does anyone else have any idea of what just happened with the BCS standings? Here it is.

1. Ohio State 11-1
2. LSU 11-2
3. Virginia Tech 11-2
4. Oklahoma 11-2
5. Georgia 10-2
6. Missouri 11-2
7. USC 10-2
8. Kansas 11-1
9. West Virginia 10-2
10. Hawaii 12-0

Do you see the inconsistency here? I think, though, that we'll be better off in the long run, because a lot of weight was placed on winning the conference championship, especially in the SEC. But it exposed a huge weakness in the BCS, namely the subjective portion of it. It was ridiculous hearing Herbstreit get out there and lobby for LSU because he had screwed up and pissed off Les Miles by announcing that he was going to Michigan, in an apologistic effort.
So fine, UGA can't play for it all. We had a case, and I still think we do. Again, and Mark Richt said this in multiple interviews: we were ranked ahead of the teams that were going to be playing the conference championships, and that was known, but nobody really cared. Then, it was obvious that a 2 loss team was going to get in, and everybody started puttin' up the tents and havin' revival.
Who should be pissed off?
1. Virginia Tech. They were ranked ahead of LSU. They won their conference championship. They beat a higher ranked team than LSU did. Granted they did lose to LSU during the regular season, but that was a few months ago.
2. Missouri. They got penalized for losing their conference championship, getting passed over for a BCS bowl, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE RANKED AHEAD OF KU. How does that happen? They're going to the Cotton Bowl, KU is going to the Orange against VT.
3. Am I right that Michigan (unranked) was selected for a higher bowl than Wisonsin (ranked) to play UF in the Capitol One bowl? Not that I give two shits about either one, but that doesn't seem fair.
4. The number 13 team in the country is going to the Rose Bowl. Illinois. Know why? They want to perserve their tradition of having PAC 10 teams play Big 10 teams.
5. Anyone but OSU. By not playing in 2 weeks, they went up. We went down. The difference? In not beating anyone worth a damn, but winning a crappy conference, they backed into the championship game.
6. Hawaii. They're undefeated. They won their conference championship.

As it turns out, unless LSU had moved up to 2, we would not be going to the Sugar Bowl, so that's great. Don't get me wrong, the Sugar Bowl is a huge deal for us, and we've got our hands full. I just don't think that anyone has any idea how this current pecking order was chosen.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Do you feel like dancin'?

Let me first say that I'm not sure that the BCS system is the best way to do things. But, it is the agreed upon system, so therefore we have to live with it. You don't think Auburn's still pissed off? Yeah. But, here we are at the end of the season, and guess what...


Now, before you start making reservations in New Orleans for the game, think about it. The scenario that we had to happen to give us a chance has happened. Two of the teams ahead of us lost, Missouri (game's almost over) and West Virginia (already lost after Pat White went out with an injury). The other stuff that we needed didn't happen (UT winning the SEC, BC beating Virginia Tech), but it may not matter.

Here's the controversy.
  1. UGA didn't win nor did they play for their conference championship, after tying the SEC East in W-L but losing the head-to-head to Tennessee. (Again, did you see that game? OUCH!) But, their losses came earlier than most of the other teams that are in contention with the exception of USC. The difference there is that both of the games that we lost were to ranked teams. USC lost to a 40-point underdog in arguably the biggest upset of the past several years.
  2. LSU has 2 losses (both in triple overtime) and won the SEC today. They're ranked 7 right now, and their losses were later in the season than ours were. UK was ranked when they beat them, Arky wasn't.
  3. Virginia Tech has 2 losses, and they won their conference championship today. They lost bigtime to the team they're ranked immediately ahead of. They just beat a ranked team today, in BC.
  4. Kansas has only one loss, but they didn't play this weekend, and they were solidly behind us. Again, they lost really late, and they didn't play for their conference championship. So how could they possibly move ahead of us when we didn't play either. Those two spots would have to remain static.

I hear all these "experts." And I hear all of the arguments against UGA, but this would not be the first time that this has happened. If you remember in the 2002 BCS championship game, Nebraska made it to the championship game without having won its conference. A couple of years later, Oklahoma lost the Big 12 and played for the national championship game, losing, of course.

So, I don't care what they call it, The Back-in Championship Series, yadda yadda yadda. There won't be any asterisk on our National Championship banner when we unveil it next September in Sanford Stadium. The main argument here is that Georgia was ranked #4 going into the weekend. 2 teams ahead of us played and lost. The team immediately behind didn't play. But our Ace card here is what our ranking was going into the weekend. The disbelief is that people didn't have any clue that either Missouri or WVU would lose. But it happened, and now you have to work with the system you have. Yeah, a playoff system would be interesting, but that's not what we have this year.

BCS Championship Game: Ohio State vs Georgia, and I like our chances!!! Get ready for it Dawg Fans, we're on the brink of doing something we thought we NEVER would have had a chance to do on the way home from Knoxville.