Friday, November 9, 2007


Every die-hard UGA fan that I know has their favorite team to hate. We have so many rivals, it's ridiculous. For me, it's Tech. No question. It's a history thing. I went there for a little bit, hated it, but I know what it's like inside and how F'ed up they are. For JW it's UT by proxy. For many, it's definitely Florida, with good reason. And then, there's Auburn. Here's the problem with Auburn. They're bizzarro UGA. Yeah, it's a smaller town without as much nightlife, and whatever. Listen to Mike Bobo talk about it. They're the "mirror image" of UGA. Problem for me is that I had several friends go there, I visited there, had a good time, and it's a little bit harder for me to reach the same level of hatred as I have for the Ramblin' Wreck and checkerboard orange and white bullshit of UT. So I have to direct my hatred to Tuberville, or "Ears" as many people call him because of his anatomic anomalies (please, someone call Guiness).

That said, Auburn is like our brother, always has been, always will be. One of the best friends that I've ever had is Auburn grad. For those of us from the western part of Jawja, we have a lot of friends that are AU people. We're used to losing players to AU because of the proximity. Ask anyone from Columbus or Newnan or Blakely. They're not an east oponnent, so we don't have to worry about head to head. It's the South's oldest rivarly, dominated recently by the visitors. There have been some incredible plays!!!

There have been some big hits...

Of course, this kind of hit that was declared so "great," has been outlawed, and was that year, as well. Head to head? Come on.

But, we hit back with "decleaters", or at least we used to...

There was the game that was like 8 hours long, 102-100, or something like that in 97 at Auburn. Quincy Cancer (Carter), decided to actually play and throw some passes without interceptions, or cocaine, or acting like a thug (thanks Jim Donnan). At least we won.

And then there's crazy shit like this that gets everyone fired up...


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So what are we left with? Mixed feelings, although get it straight: I NEVER NEVER NEVER root for anyone against my beloved Dawgs. This has been a game dominated by the visiting team since 1992, hard to explain. But when your brother kicks your ass, he's still your brother. This is hard to explain to those big-time AU haters out there.

So where do I stand? If someone would let me sit there and bleed with these guys, I would, in an instant. No questions. We're a funny team this year. D shows up every now and again. O shows up, 'cept 'gainst "Cackalacky." Cathch the ball!!! We've got a Knowshown, they don't have a Kenny (oh my God, they killed Kenny, Those Bastards!!!), or a Cadillac, or Ronnie. We get in DVT's head, otherwise known as Brandon Cox, game's over. Auburn fans know it, admit it. It took a long time to get right after that game in the rain last year.

So, GO DAWGS!!!!!!! Beat the War Tiger Plains-Eagles (huh??) and please, oh please, don't forget about poor Bobby Lee and his family.

Whoaaa Eeeaagggglllle, as Bobby Lee says.

SIC 'EM, 'OOF 'OOF 'OOF 'OOF 'OOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HBTD GATA!!!!!! (get after their asses)

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