Monday, November 12, 2007

Can somebody tell me what's going on here?

Honestly, I couldn't believe it. Auburn took the lead to 20-17, and I started thinking the worst. Next thing you know, Stafford keeps dropping bombs on Auburn's secondary, and we make Brandon Cox look like Reggie Ball. Then, Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson start dancing in the booth to the Soulja Boy. And Verne, God bless 'im, he's been pretty hard on us in times past. For those two to feel the energy and have fun, I think says something pretty profound. The whole crowd looked like they are a notch or two away from insane, and the smackdown continued. 45-20!!!!!!!! There was just something in the air, and it's not just the black jerseys and the fans wearing all black. That, however was incredible! The aerial shots from the blimp showing the entirety of Sanford Stadium looking like a Metallica concert was more than awesome! No, this is an example of Mark Richt being able to see the forest for the trees. He has made a few comments about that, and attributes his newfound vision to Mike Bobo being the offensive coordinator. I think it actually has made a huge difference. There seem to have been some games early in the season where Richt had a little bit of trouble letting go. But once he did, his attitude and the team's attitude have really benefited.

I guess this ain't your daddy's Bulldawg's, huh? But if anybody wants to know why we might ever have been frustrated by how this team is played, the wins against Florida and Auburn are great examples. We won because of attitude, and it'spretty exciting to see Richt get that fired up and be a real leader to his team in a time of "crisis." I know that we can't always come out there on fire every week, but least we know it's there when we need it. The craziest thing about this is that who really cares if we win the SEC East? Honestly, we will do better if we don't win the East. Think about it...
If we win the East, go to the SEC championship game, and beat LSU (which I have every reason to believe we can), then where will we go? The Sugar bowl. If, we go to the SEC championship game and lose, we may wind up in the Capital One bowl or the Outback bowl. Now, if we don’t go to the SEC championship and win out, we would have a good case for an at-large BCS bowl bid. If LSU wins the SEC and don’t lose another game, they’re definitely in the BCS championship game, which would put us in the Sugar Bowl. See my point? The final scenario is UT winning the SEC. If we win out, we’re still in the position of an at-large BCS bid. So, what’s the moral to the story? Don’t worry about anyone else, just keep playing your hearts out and WIN!!! And by the way, I don't think anybody in the entire country wants to play us right now. I can't say that I blame them.
One last thing. What was up with those refs? I think that was the same crew that officiated the Florida game, and they still continued to punish us for that celebration. I mean, some of the calls were just ridiculous. It didn't matter, we still prevailed, in spite of not because of them.

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JW said...

Exact same crew at the UF game. I nearly had a brain hemorrhage early 3rd quarter. I usually think that bad officiating won't change the outcome of the game and despite their best efforts, I thought right...with that said, that was putrid and if the SEC doesn't do something about that crew, we should join the ACC or Big East so we can dominate every year (ala Ohio State) regardless of what type of team we field.