Monday, April 13, 2009

New charcoal

I went to a local restaurant supply store (the Cash n' Carry) and they were advertising this on the billboard outside. I figured, why not? I don't like going to Walmart in general, and I sure don't like buying the 10# bags because they run out pretty quick. My other problem is that the small bags of Royal Oak have too many small pieces and dust, so it takes FOREVER to light because the small pieces restrict airflow (fuel).
So, this one isn't even on the Naked Whiz' website. It is pretty much Royal Oak, which I'm sure is almost identical to what you might get in a bag of BGE, which I suppose I should compare it to. Burns great, hot, it is a little sparky, ash burns fine and white. Does great for low and slow and HHH.
It's distributed by Sysco who makes a lot of bulk items that restaurants I'm sure use (plates, canned veggies, frozen stuff, etc.). About 14 bucks for the 20# bag.
Now, if they'd just get rid of that orange bag....

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