Friday, April 10, 2009

Interesting website: pizza related

Check out this website about the proper way to make pizza. Interestingly, it seems to be a lot more about technique than the type of dough that he uses. Also, it seems like there is a significant place for the sourdough starter. Clearly, I have a lot more experimenting to do.
The good news for all you in GA is that this guy's pizzeria is in the ATL, so it's definitely something to try out if you get the chance. The other cool thing is that there is a google map of what he considers the greatest pizzerias in the world. Finally, JW, notice that your pizzeria in New Haven is really high on the list.
I think it further illustrates the level of obsession that can sink in regarding pizza, and that unless you live in NYC or Italy, you have the opportunity to make some of the best pizza in town if you're careful about it!

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JW said...

Talked to Worley last night and he ate there (opened in March) last weekend. Said it was awesome. Spent some time talking to the "chef" who was very receptive and interested in talking to anyone who would listen about pizza. I say let's schedule a field trip, ASAP!