Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skate wing grenobloise

Skate wing. Before I really started looking around, I don't think I ever saw it anywhere. It's one of those weird fishes that most seafood retailers probably don't carry. It's among the cheapest fare that you can buy, but if you know how to make the cheap stuff taste good, you can do anything.
First of all, it's a critter much like a ray, with wings, and this is the part that you eat. Some places (Bob's Seafood in STL) sells them skinned for around $5/lb, and Whole Paycheck in Nashville sells it with the skin on for about $3-4/lb. They're not that difficult to skin if you've ever filleted a fish or skinned a catfish, so save your money.

**Timing of this dish is key, make it the last thing you make unless you have a heat lamp in your kitchen. If you leave it out too long, it will be dry and even the butter sauce won't be enough.

Skate grenobloise

1-2 skate wings, skinned, boned
1/2 stick butter
2 tbsp capers
half a lemon, seeded, cut into wedges. Can sub lime
Flour for dredging
Salt, pepper for seasoning
Cilantro or flat parsley for garnish

This one's so easy, you won't believe it. Take your skate wing and lightly season with salt and pepper. Dredge lightly in flour, and saute at medium high heat. Cook it all the way through, this isn't one you would necessarily want to make a crudo from.
Take your skillet (or saute pan) and melt half a stick of butter over moderate heat. Add a couple of tbsp of capers, and some seeded lemon or lime wedges. Garnish and serve immediately.

Seriously, that's it.

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