Thursday, September 24, 2009

In abesntia

I think you could use that to describe any of us with regard to posting, or to UGA's defensive secondary, but not A.J. during the Arkansas game.
Howeverit, ASU is a classic setup game for us because we're feeling like the offense is unstoppable (which is not true), we may believe anyone that says this is the easiest opponent we've had (possible), and that we're looking ahead to LSU (likely).
Can you believe that at UGA the offense has to bail out the defense? Somewhere, David Greene is shaking his head and chuckling out loud. Then again, if we stop the bleeding and beat UT and Vandy, we're right there in the East. Clearly, some of the main issues for UGA are

  1. turnovers
  2. defensive front applying pressure
  3. linebacker play
  4. secondary
I never thought we'd be confident in the offense, scared to death of the defense.

What I'll look for on Saturday night:

  1. Proper defensive adjustment. If you didn't find this yet, I highly recommend it. I'm glad to see how some folks spend their time, makes my life easier.
  2. Fewer mental breakdowns on both offense and defense. No kidding.
  3. Continued resiliency. We've been down by 10+ in each of the last two games and come out with the W.
  4. Expanding the offensive packages. If Branden White is in the game, the ball's going to him, right? More AJ, more tight ends, more Michael Moore.
Continued smart performance from the Ginger Ninja, Joe Cox. Maybe he did have the flu afterall.


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JW said...

What's the over/under on how many opposing quarterbacks set school records against Willie's D? Does 5 sound about right?