Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The enigma that is the 2009 'Dawgs

Holy what the...?

It's been awhile since any rants or raves on here. The summer was busier than predicted for various reasons. But I'll start this with saying that we've seen quite a bit of variety from the 'Dawgs so far this season, and you only have to look at the USC game to see just about every wrinkle and twist that can happen in a game.

A few things are clear and worthy of mention.

  1. Joe Cox is better than he showed at the OSU game, but that was a wretched pick 6 against USC.
  2. The Blair Walsh project is going pretty well, with two kicks now over 50 yards.
  3. We appear to have a TON of young speed all over the place (Boykin, Smith).
  4. Richard Samuel is improving, and appears to be a bruiser.
  5. Quick: name 2 other linebackers other than Rennie Curran.
  6. The coaches LOVE the directional kick, but few can figure out why.
  7. AJ Green is awesome, but has a nagging tendency to fumble.
  8. Reshad Jones is better, but the refs are trying to choke him.
  9. We're not going to win many games if the turnovers continue.
  10. The red zone defense is good, and they've had PLENTY of practice.
  11. The team appears to be resilient and can take a punch.

Any other thoughts?

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