Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pizza at G's

Had a great time visiting with the Gunter's.  Had a wonderful meal at Margot's Cafe.  Really cool bistro in an old gas station.  Atmosphere was fantastic and the aioli with housemade potato chips were so good, I ordered again for dessert.  In follow-up, I met a lady, oddly enough in Augusta last night who had taken cooking classes there and is to email the aioli recipe soon.  That I shall post ASAP.

The highlight, however, was pizza night at OG's and my favorite was the squid pizza.  My rendition appears above.  For the squid, I used Mario's recipe which is basically olive oil, lemon juice, chili flakes, salt, pepper, garlic, and mint all tossed together for a brief marinade.  Instead of cooking on the grill as OG did (Mario uses a piastra ?sp), I dropped into a blazing hot pan and placed under the broiler to char slightly.  The result was good, but not as good as the smoky squid we enjoyed at Oliver's.  My neighbors dropped in to say hello, and good thing, I had made 4 pies and even the teenage girls gobbled up the squid pie....mmmm....squid pie!

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