Friday, March 13, 2009

Where do I buy charcoal?

This has been a question I've been working for a while now, since I bought my Dome. If someone else hasn't done the research for you, it's hard to know the answer to this question. You can ask the person that sold you your BGE, and guess what they're going to say? 20 dollars for a 10 lb bag wasn't particularly cost effective.
Maybe Walmart for Royal Oak, assuming I can get the one that's not from South America that has the proper size distribution. There's no web search that you can do for this, it's mostly word of mouth or stumbling across a good find. Take the dumb luck in my finding Fire King in STL. The BGE dealer was 30 min away, and I wasn't happy with the quality of stuff I was getting from chinamart. I called a local distributor of smokers and had to make up some story about how I would like to learn more about his products. Then again, he was using a lot of hardwood, so he couldn't help me. I happened across someone's blog that talked about buying it at the rival liquor store to the one that I had been going to, and there it was, 20 lbs for 10 bucks. Check nakedwhiz site, and you'll see it's decent stuff. Now, all of a sudden, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, World Market, Trader Joe's, etc is selling it, but a lot of that is Cowboy, which I've been told is terrible. I don't really like the idea of having to order charcoal. I'm not some environmental freakshow, it just seems kinda dumb to have to order "wood" by UPS or FEDEX.
For those of you that haven't moved for a while, you may not have ever had to answer a question like that. For me, having moved 4 times now since 2005, it can be a little more significant. I guess it's time to fire up the White Hawk and go a lookin'.

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JW said...

They sell lump here in most all grocery stores. Quality lump is another thing. The BGE stuff is the best I've found, but like you I have an aversion to driving 30 minutes and paying $20 for the stuff. I've found that unless you are going for high heat, almost any lump will do the trick, otherwise I need to use the BGE brand or I can't get my BGE over 450F. I haven't tried separating into piles and using the largest pieces at the bottom...yet :)