Sunday, November 2, 2008

I guess JW was right all along

That game was miserable. Like Bama, we were unable to capture any momentum and made big mistakes that became magnified by the field position gained after the turnovers. It stinks, but Richt will figure out how to right the ship. We deserved the timeouts at the end of the game, but we will not forget them.
It will always be great to be a Georgia Bulldog, I haven't lost faith, I just know that it's not going to happen this year.
That said, a couple of comments that I think deserve mention.
How the SEC could have allowed Penn Wagers to be the head official for this game is unthinkable. He became way too emtionally involved in last year's game and has continued to show some personal beef with us. Remember, it wasn't the coaches that made the decision to celebrate, it was the players that scripted it.
You really can't say that bad calls cost us this game, but they did cost us momentum which, in addition to huge mistakes, cost us this game. The receiver that pulls Asher Allen's jersey to run by him, the mythical illegal hands to the face on Tebow that cost us an interception, these and others were plays that robbed us of momentum, and led to UF touchdowns. I hope that this somehow creates some incentive for Knowshon and Stafford to stick around next year. Again, my faith is shaken but not stirred.


JW said...

As always, I am a Georgia fan, but a realist. We are Ohio State of the South. Terribly over-rated year after year. When is the last time we beat a true top caliber opponent? Athens? Until we can do better than 1 in 5 wins over UF, I will NEVER buy into the hype. Maybe if we had legitimate coordinators instead of low-level staffers who have ascended to their positions without adequate pedigrees? Oh and BTW, payback is hell, hope we can return the favor someday.

og said...

you're right, as usual. I shouldn't have argued with you in the first place. What hacks me off the most about all this is that all the naysayers to UGA have been proven right.