Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Equipment Review All-Clad Fryer

I don't do alot of frying, but I do love some steak frites and occassionally like to make fish-n-chips or fish tacos. I usually fry in one of my cast iron enamel Le Crueset dutch ovens, but for my birthday, Jennifer bought me an All-Clad 6 quart pot with a fry basket insert. Made some frites on Sunday and the curry-spiced cauliflower from the BLT cookbook on Monday night. The results were fantastic. The oil hardly loses any temperature and thus far produced the crispiest, least-greasy fried products ever to come from my kitchen! My usual set-up may have been sufficient, perhaps I wasn't using enough oil, but who cares, love kitchen toys!

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og said...

where did she get it? I've been looking all over the Internet for them can't find one. I assume the price is close to around 200? however, I couldn't agree more. I've got a smaller one that I agree does a better job on fried foods than anything else would ever tried. The Dutch oven is just such a pain to clean up, although it does hold its heat very well. I am a little bit wary about temperature control, as I have almost always done this low electric stovetop. I'm chasing temperature too much on a set like that.