Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back home to the corner

We made the 750 mile trek back to South Georgia, where I grew up to visit mother and other family. I know that JW has a NYC trip to talk about, and I have a couple of restaurant reviews that we did in Saint Louis prior to the holiday. Also, we're going to have a tamalada in preparation for Thanksgiving. Now's the time for soup recipes, braised meats, and one pot wonders. Let's hear it. Will post again very soon, and we'll have a lot to talk about. Oh, and let's not forget, "Clean, Old-fashioned Hate." That's right, the yearly battle of the good versus the irrelevant: Georgia vs Georgia Tech. Plus, expect an Athens restaurant review coming as well.

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JW said...

Yes, lots to discuss. Will post in detail after the holidays to include NYC & Thanksgiving. Terrific meals at Babbo, Les Halles, & Casa Mono. My opinion of Batali is restored after the ESCA fiasco (see post from early 2008). Interesting thing about NYC was the waitstaff across the board was horrific! They all acted as if we were a bother and that they were doing us a huge favor by collecting our $100 tips...JW