Friday, October 17, 2008

Destination 10: Clock Bar, Westin St. Francis

This place deserves a special mention because I thought it was such a cool little bar. The inside was really posh with nice decor, and the clientele was sort of upper end hip. We sat right where you see those dudes in the picture. They had a great scotch selection, and played some cool sushi techno music. Definitely a cool place to have a drink, especially if you're going to Michael Mina restaurant (27 points in Zagat's). Sorry, I didn't do that.


JW said...

Great post(s). Planning our NYC trip with the Newmans tonight. Will probably make Saumon Aux Lentilles and some sort of tartine as an app. as will be pressed for time. Will have a similar post at the end of November-

og said...

Maybe I put a little bit too much stuff on here, but I still do this largely as Journal to remember where I went. I'm glad you enjoyed it, we need to go to San Francisco soon.