Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daddy and boys leavin' the softball field

Old habits die hard, don't they?
I'm just glad they let me have a respectable number to play with. DOG thinks I'm playing baseball instead of softball. I still have the fastest hands you ever saw!
Somebody the other day in the elevator saw my G on my lapel and asked me if that was for Green Bay. I grinned with anger and said "No." He then asked me if it stood for the "Gators." Before punching him, and letting him know that the count was 0-2, I told him that I went to UGA and was a die-hard fan, and that although the Alabama game was a disaster, I still thought we'd be right there at the end of it all. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't believe it. Who else are you gonna root for JW?

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JW said...

Great pic OG. Good grief, of course I am rooting for UGA. My opinion is that we are routinely the most over-rated SEC team and are the equivalent of Ohio State of the South. If you disagree, when pray tell have we been to the "big dance?" Hard to remember the loss from 1982...This is my point with regards to a 31 point half time deficit at home...since I've been alive, I'm not sure any "mythical" national champion has been crowned after suffering such a humiliation. Let's look back...Since 1973 there have been 14 years where the team sitting atop the polls had a loss. Let's review.
1973 Alabama loses 24-23 to ND in the Sugar Bowl (somehow they share the national title)-see the system has sucked for all my life!
1974 USC loses in the 1st game of the year to Arkansas (ROAD) by 15 but wins impressively thereafter
1977 ND 7 point loss (ROAD) to Ole Miss
1978 (USC/Alabama split) USC beat Alabama by 10, with their only loss by 3 points on road. Again, how does Alabama get to share with a team that beat them by 10 at home?
1982 Penn State had a 21 point loss to Alabama in the Bear's final season, but beat us in the Sugar and we were the best team in the land...pollsters had nowhere else to go unless we were Alabama and we could be crowned despite losing our last game...
1983 Miami lost to UF by 25 on the road in 1st game of season...SO IT IS POSSIBLE TO BOUNCE BACK!! But again, road loss
1985 Oklahoma 13 point loss at home to Miami
1989 Miami 14 point loss to then #7FSU on the road but won 3 games over top 10 teams to follow-up
1990 Colorado (1 pt loss to Jeff George's Illinois team, Ha! Ha! GT year)
1993 FSU loses to ND 31-24 and is crowned over ND who had same schedule but lost by 2 to #15 Boston College...again, how do these things happen?
1996 UF loses to FSU by 3 game 1 but blows them out by 32 in the Sugar
2003 USC/LSU share : USC 3 pt road loss to Cal; LSU 12 pt HOME loss to UF
2006 Florida; 10 pt loss to AU on ROAD
2007 LSU; 2 losses in OT
In summary, there is still a chance, but it appears you have to be ND, Alabama, USC, or Florida State to get it...