Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Menu

One of my favorite cook-out menus is from July 2004 Bon Appetit. All recipes can be found at Epicurious. I made this for some of Jen's friends last weekend. Still a hit.

1) Clams with jalapeno, lemon, and basil (I usually don't buy clams, so I made a compound butter with jalapeno, lime, and cilantro and used as a dipping sauce for snow-crab legs.
2) Black bean, jicama, and grilled corn salad
3) Barbecued tri-tip with caramelized red onions topped with a red wine BBQ sauce (I use flat-iron steak if tri-tip looks crappy)
4) Skillet corn bread with roasted poblano & oregano
5) Roasted red pepper salad with bacon dressing and pine nuts
6) For desert, Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies (use the mix, it's awesome) served hot with some B & J's vanilla ice cream



og said...

There's an issue of America's Test Kitchen's magazine all about grilling from last summer that's great. Have you looked at Mario's Italian Grill cookbook?

JW said...

I have the Test Kitchen's Grilling cookbook. It's pretty good. You may consider subscribing to their website. It's pretty awesome. Has some video. Articles are parsed down versions found in the magazine. It's my go to site. I prefer it to Epicurious and FoodTV, though Epicurious is usually pretty solid, some of the recipes in Bon Appetit and Gourmet don't always work for the home cook. All of the Cooks Illustrated recipes have been exhaustively tested and are spot on.

I've seen Mario's Book. I'm going to buy it...the man know's how to cook good, simple food.