Friday, May 30, 2008

Divine Inspiration

Kudos need to go out to JW and to Alton Brown. After reading about JW's beef au poivre at Les Halles and following up by a reviewing of the "Tender of the Loin Parts 1 and 2" by UGA grad Alton Brown on Good Eats (doesn't eveyone have that on their DVR?), I've been inspired to get to cooking.

Sometime this weekend I'm going to go to Sam's and pick up a whole beef tenderloin and and make me some beef au poivre. It seems very counterintuitive to cook such a good piece of meat on the stovetop alone but I'm willing to expand my horizons.

OG- The fazol is a blight upon the land that should be destroyed immediately. Never before has sauce tasted more bland, pasta been further from al dente, and bread been harder. My Sicilian ancestors are ready to rise up out of the grave to remove such a detriment to good eating from the land.

To HELL with Tech.

93 days to kickoff.

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