Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Great Grill Debate

Highly encourage any of you to pick the latest Food and Wine. In it, there's a discussion about buying a grill with a detailed comparison of grills priced 300 vs 1000 vs ridiculous.

They also have an article about the ceramic cookers, and talk about a couple of other brands out there that are competition to BGE. I looked them up, and here's what I found:

Kamado ceramic. According to FW, the "Faberge egg that cooks." As you can see, quite ornamental, IMO outlandishly so. But it does make you wonder if you could tile a BGE. Price you ask? How about starting at $2000. Oddly enough, they also make gas versions.

Next is the Primo XL Oval. This is, to my knowledge, the only one that comes in this shape. It's kinda curious how 2 of the main companies that distribute these are in the Atlanta area. This is apparently the only one that's made in the US. 20 year warranty which is not as good as the BGE or Grill Dome. It does have adjustable cooking grates, boasts greater cooking space, has a firebox divider. You can get stainless steel shelves for it also.

Next up is the Dragon Fire Kamado grill. I don't really know antyhing about this company, and I don't think they have a website, but I do know it's Chinese. You can track this down on The company is Szhongmao. It looks like a black BGE. The do add that the tables for it are made of bamboo which I assume is like kudzu over there, they're just trying to get rid of it. The stand and side table are included; who knows, maybe the lead smoking chips are free. 25 year warranty on ceramics, the link to the website didn't work.,

Finally, there's the Grill Dome which are distributed somewhere off 85 and Steve Reynolds Blvd in the Atlanta area, even though they're made in India. These have a shiny finish, they come in multiple colors, and they also have different heights available. The newest is an extra extra tall. They are comparable in price to the BGE, and in some instances cheaper. Oh, and they also come in a metallic copper color, even though it's not on their website yet, which is unique. Lifetime warranty.

And of course, the BGE. Everyone's familiar with them, but it still stands in my mind as the gold standard. Bunch of accessories, lifetime warranty if you buy from a dealer, etc.

There's a great comparison chart of all but the Kamado on

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