Friday, April 25, 2008

Speaking of Hating Gators . . .

Back in the fall of '97 a rag tag group of UGA grads finished a set of "Major Exams" whilst attending the Medical College of Georgia. Exams were concluded at noon and a caravan embarked to Jacksonville for the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party approximately 30 seconds later.

Debauchery ensued, felonies were committed, and I believe some international treaties were violated. Fueled by Maker's Mark and the unbelievable relief granted by such a respite from studying we sure enough got our ROWDY on. Once Kirby Smart was done intercepting, Larry Brown was finished catching end arounds, Robert Edwards had concluded his "tip toe" (HT Larry Munson who did in fact light the cigar) down the sideline, and Olandis Gary had put the cherry on top with the best 5 yard TD run in history we had whooped that Gator ass. No amount of liqour could blur the memory of those great Dawgs that partied it up alongside the St. John's river that night.

Anyway, my bride found a copy of the UGA student newspaper that was published the Monday after that win. She attended an event with the football team that day and had many of them sign it. She'd kept it all these years. For Valentines Day she had it framed and it now hangs in my home office. Within this pic you'll find Hines Ward, Champ Bailey, and Matt Stinchcomb's autographs along with many others.

In memory of that trip and in celebration of what was and still is one of the best 5 days I've my life I give you the following picture and a 'lil diddy we Dawgs are prone to sing from time to time.

Gators . . . . Gators . . . How'd you like to bite my ass.

Gators . . . . Gators . . How'd you like to bite my ass.

With your bright orange shirts and your blue jean britches . . .

GO . . TO HELL . . you SONSABITCHES!!!!!!

Gatorrrssssss . . . . . Gatorrrrssss . . How'd you like to bite my ass.

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