Thursday, April 24, 2008

Even the Squidbillies Hate the Gators

For those who haven't seen the comedic masterpiece that is the Squidbillies show on the Adult Swim portion of Cartoon Netowrk do yourself a favor and check it out.

The show is produced in Atlanta and the lead animator is UGA grad Mack Williams, who earlier in the decade produced some of the best editorial page cartoons the Red and Black ever saw.

Anyway, the show is about a bunch of Appalachain squid and their various dealings with fellow rednecks in the South. Hilarity ensues. The patriarch of the family is Early and he's voiced by Unknown Hinson, a long time touring troubador who is impossible to classify. Honkeytonk is as close as I can get to describing his music.

Here's a link to a recent clip. In a newer episode the voice of GOD was done by the one and only Larry Munson. Presumably this was prior to his subdural hematoma and having holes drilled into his skull.

Here's the clip.

I'm far from the foodie JW and OG are but I had a couple of good meals and some good fishing out in Idaho a while back I'll post about soon.

Also, in honor of Earth Day I'm going to utilize some free range, organic grown, antibiotic-free meat products tomorrow for a small dinner party.

Decoded that means I shot a deer, butched said deer, and will eat the tastiest morsels (tenderloin/backstrap).

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