Monday, April 28, 2008

Is everyone crazy but me? Also, G-Day, light postings, and call for recipes or ideas.

In general
To the UGA alums, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about. I got an email from the UGAA asking if I would be interested in doing a power lunch social in Atlanta with Georgia Tech Hispanic Students. I may have that blood in me, but the loyalty only goes so far. Were they planning on having Reggie Ball be the motivational speaker? Seriously...
I don't know what to take home from G-Day. Knowshon ran a couple of times. Staff threw a couple of long ones. Cox appeared capable as a backup. The defense at times looked great or was that the O-line looking confused? We do have a kicker, after all. There will be life after Coutu and Bennett, and it won't be Andy Bailey. Weak NFL draft this year for the Dawgs, no one taken before the third round, but you'll be happy to know that TB will in the ATL. But they also drafted the BC quarterback, so does that mean that Shock won't get to play or what? That injury really hit him at a terrible time last year. It was his position to give away, and maybe he did.
Light postings
So, as to the light posting. Been working a bunch of night shifts, and now that the weather is nicer than it was (can it be spring when the low is 36?), I've been trying to get my spring yard work done. Apparently I can only be in DIY mode or Food Network mode, but not both simultaneously.
But the grillin' season is upon us, and I will have my Large Egg in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it has to be transported from Dalton to here, since these Missourians think they can charge me 300 bucks more than it's worth. Yankees. What's worse, I keep trying to explain that I don't have any idea what having a "barbecue" means. I know what it means to eat BBQ and to cook out or grill out, but having a barbecue should probably mean making homemade barbecue. And since I know not many people know how to do that, then I have to assume that they're just crazy. Or is it ignorant?
The call
Anyway, you grillmasters out there: you know who you are (JW, CGH, unless anyone else wants to step up). Let's here some ideas for the egg, grill-based dinners for 6-10, successes, failures, anecdote, whatever. Tailgate food we'll reserve for the fall/late summer or when we just can't stand the lack of football. The only thing I can offer up right now is this:

1. Cook chicken on the bone whenever possible
2. Keep a thermometer handy. Or two. Or three. Instant read, plug and follow, laser for surface temp and to figure out the hot and cold spots or for deep fryer
3. Fire as hot as possible for the sear, down to two-level for finish
4. The heavier the cooking grid, the better
5. Chicken 160F, Steak 120-130F and let 'em rest (5-10min)

It's never too early to learn.


JW said...

OG, dead right. Chicken on the bone. Hard to beat the beer-can chicken on the egg. Every time I have this I wonder why I don't make it more often. See my previous post about chicken on the egg. You don't really even need the beer can, the egg will cook it perfectly! If you don't use the beer can method, you should take a few hours to brine your bird. Brining goes for any fowl and any dry cuts of meat like pork chops.

MCG DAWG said...

JW hit the nail on the head with any bird dish . . brining is the shizzle. Started doing it for turkey's a few years back and now use it for everything bird related. Only exception is the duck breasts from the departed waterfowl I so rudely shot this year. I think it an insult to the duck to brine it.

I concur on no need to beer can the chicken on the egg as a good brine of a whole chicken is just as moist when prepared on the egg. Just be sure not to overwhelm your bird with an overly salty brine as I've made that mistake before with a turkey and it was very noticiable in the end product.