Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chef Pretty Hair

FYI - Chef Pretty Hair (Eric Ripert) was on Charlie Rose Tuesday nite (November 17th). You can watch it at He talks about his new show on PBS called Avec Eric which just started this Fall. One point I didn't realize is that his producer is the same one Julia Childs had.

I was surprised by the fact that he went on a wild boar hunt in one episode. He is apparently more of "natural (no steriods, free range, etc.)" than an "organic freak", which is how I had him pegged. Anyway, it's a good show if you get a chance to watch it.

In December, I plan on an end-of-year review series of posts, one of which will be (Finally!!!) my experience at his NYC restaurant Le Bernardin, and meeting Chef Ripert (pronounced Rip-air).


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OG said...

I've seen this show a few times. I don't care too much for the part of the show at the beginning. It's a little gushing, overindulgent, and impractical for most of us. Of course they have superior produce in Northern California. Not everyone can live there. But the good of this show is the cooking demonstration that he puts on. We've reproduced these recipes a few times, and they're spectacular. If you watch nothing but the last 10 minutes, that's all you need, and all the episodes are online. Great post!