Sunday, June 14, 2009

Digital Confidential

TV. Not what my last post was about, but not far from what makes it tick. Music (if you missed the last post) and television (Julia on PBS) were both broadcast in analog glory over low-bandwith sprectrums available with almost any simple device within range (ie. a car radio or a home tv set) over the past upteen years, until the government decided we all needed to switch to digital. I am by no means opposed to digital television. In fact, I think it's a huge advancement to receive digital transmissions. But now, you need a cable box, satellite dish, and an array of other devices to consistently receive your daily dose of information.

I realize I sound like a codger here (for a definition of codger, you may need to visit Webster). My life is by no means simple, uncomplex, or without modern electronic amenities. In fact, I pride myself on understanding electonic trends, having most of the latest gadgets, and being able to speak intelligently with my teenage neices on a technologically relevant level. Which is why I recently watched a crap-load more digital television than I normally do.

I caught an eposide of Ted Nugent's SpiritWild Ranch Saturday Night (6/13), in which he entertained Anthony Bourdain with his religious hunting experience (which is admittedely a little weird, but normal for Ted), an epidsode of 60 minutes on Sunday, which featured Alice Waters (San Fran chef) touting organic produce, and a new-old sitcom of which I was unaware.

The sitcom I watched was the first episode of "Kitchen Confidential" on NetFlix on demand. I read Bourdain's book a few years ago, but until last Friday, I didn't realize there was an attempted sitcom based on the book. The sitcom apparently dates from 2005. It was relatively entertaining, and worth watching more episodes. I'm planning on completing the entire set of episodes, regardleass of my feelings about the show. I feel I owe it to Bourdain and this blog to finish what I started, If I expect to become a successful music, food, and television critic.

UPDATE: I just realized i didn't watch Kitchen Confidential on Netflix. It was on Hulu.


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