Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Martinez to Miami?

Answer to the prayers of the Bulldawg nation? Rumors abound that Miami wants to hire Willie Martinez to replace defensive coordinator. Martinez is a native of Coral-Gables and played on the 1983 National Championship team at the "U". That move would cause double-elation for me as I enjoy the Miami collapse even more than the 3 loss seasons we will continue to endure with Martinez as D-co

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og said...

Something I read on Georgia Sports Blog from Chip Towers at AJC:

This is a man that is very well respected. He’s produced three All-America DBs at UGA and is about to have his 10th drafted into the NFL. He has played and coached the game at a very high level. A South Florida guy, he starred at Hollywood Hills High in Coral Gables and helped win a national championship as a defensive back at Miami in 1983. He has all those Florida connections and recruits that area hard — and well — for the Bulldogs. And for all the criticism of this past season, it truly was his only bad season. They were ranked in the top 20 in yardage and scoring his first three seasons. As it was they were 22nd and 54th, respectively, this season.