Friday, January 16, 2009

Call for new blog title!

As you may or may not know, the title of the blog was something I didn't really think about too much, and it was intended to reflect my move from the corner (Southwest Georgia) to the middle (St. Louis, MO) of the country. We're moving out of the midwest back to the South (Nashville), and I think the blog deserves a new name. I'm sorry the posting has been so slow, but I think it will pick up a lot here in the next few weeks. So I'm happy to take all suggestions. The theme of this was intended to be a place to rant and rave about sports (particularly UGA), discuss technique and menu ideas since a lot of us got into cooking in big way, document wine/spirits discoveries so I wouldn't lose them if I found a bottle of something I really liked, and share travel ideas particularly as they relate to food and wine. Where I live is really irrelevant, and now in the context of my move and in the spirit of new participation (which is great and only in its infancy) we need a new name!
Just a few to consider

Let the big 'Dawg eat and drink!
'Dawg food
To hell and back.... (so we didn't really like Missouri, wasn't it obvious?)
Leroy Brown's Epicuriosity Killed the Cat
Northerner's wish, Southerner's dream
Pressure without the blitz
Just Money

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