Monday, July 28, 2008

Grillin' cookbook

There's Boy Meets Grill, Boy Gets Grill, The BBQ Bible, Mastering the Grill. And then there's Italian Grill by Mario Batali. This book is awesome, and if you've ever seen his show, it's in a similar style. Ingredients are king while minimalist preparation is queen. Most of the stuff in here can be prepared quickly. There is no reference to ceramic cookers, and I think if he ever worked with one, the results would be pretty awesome.


Mortadella with robiola "burritos"
Pancetta-wrapped asparagus with Limoncello sauce
Bistecca fiorentina
HUGE section on seafood, including mussells and calamari.

I can't recommend it enough if you're serious about grilling and you have any interest in Mario's cooking style, which I really happen to like.

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JW said...

I'm in love with the flat-bread! This weekend bought some wild boar and cranberry sausages (more on this later). Grilled with Mario's flat-bread and a homemade peach mostarda!