Monday, October 15, 2007

Georgia Beats VANDY!!!

From my perspective on the 20 yard line, it looked a little something like this.
Georgia fans made up over half of the stadium. Sadly, I guess there is no such thing as a home game for the 'Dores.

Offense: Again, couldn't get anything going when it seemed like we really needed it. It's so frustrating to watch those boys drop passes that hit them right in the numbers. Sean Bailey and Kris Durham, for example. Those were drive killers. The running game didn't get going until the second half when we had worn them down a little bit. We still come out and run a stubborn offense, but I can see the value of wearing them down for the second half. Line was blocking so-so until second half. Stafford had what I thought was enough time to get rid of the ball, he just seems to hold on to it forever. If it's because the routes are slow developing, then I would like to see us do some stuff that is quick hitting to generate tempo/rhythm. Stafford again makes passes that are jaw-dropping and others that make you take your hat off and slam it on the ground. SLOW feet in the pocket, but ran OK when he kept it on the option. Play-calling actually looks a lot more like Richt than Bobo, unless Bobo has drunk the Richt punch. What happened to the plays that we were running against OSU? The quick hitter passes and let your fast receivers make a play and get some YACs. We still would line up in I-formation, twin receivers and bring one in motion. Used the tight end, Chandler had a great game, and the crowd got fired up for/with him. Knowshon is pretty awesome, hard to say anything bad. Demiko had some great catches. Tony Wilson is just plain lucky, because we almost certainly would have lost the game if the Vandy defender did not kick that ball back to him. We haven't been using the fullback very much this year, such as catching passes on play-action in the flats.
Special teams: I don't know if you saw this, but Coutu was hitting field goals from 60-61 yards in warm-ups. His accuracy was great on the one that counted, but we missed the first one, BONK right off the upright. We are not doing great in kickoffs, and letting them get the ball around the 30-35 everytime. Meanwhile, we haven't been returning all that well, starting 20-25. You would have that with all that practice last week against Tennessee returning kickoffs, that we'd be better. Punting is better than it has been in recent years.
Defense: Couldn't break through their line until the 4th quarter. We just seem to get manhandled up front and I couldn't tell if it was a scheme problem, or that we just come with plain vanilla "Kill The Man With The Ball" and don't stunt and drop back, etc. We would not blitz until the end, and it worked. Pass coverage was average to worse than average. Overpursuit again, seemed to be killing us with the option, which BTW UF runs pretty well with T-bone. We really need some fire out there. We need some big hits, and Kelin needs to keep his head in the game. He roams around and wants to make a play, but a lot of the time just doesn't
Coaching: 12 men on the field always drives you crazy, doesn't it? Offense: line may not have been playing lights out, but I thought they were giving Stafford plenty of time, and I don't know if they just weren't open and that's why he got forced into some bad throws. We seem to run the same plays over and over, but where's the Bobo inspiration? He doesn't look like he's doing anything different than CMR. The most fired up I've ever seen CMR was when he was out there stopping those idiots from jumping up and down on the Vanderbilt V at the 50. He was pissed! Finally!!! Defense :<> Where were they? The adjustment at the half worked great, but we still gave up a huge play that almost cost us the ballgame, and if it hadn't been for punching a ball out, we might easily have lost. I don't know what it is, they just don't play with fire, and look lost out there half the time. CWM, what's going on? Is it just that we have bad players?

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