Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tasty BBQ side dish

Apologies for the picture...
I'm not sure why I don't make these things more often.  They are easy, delicious, and could be somewhat nutritious.  What I'm talking about are fritters!  Fritters can contain anything to the hearts desire and can literally be made in less than 30 minutes, idea to table.  Tonight, last night at home for awhile...sister-in-law in town...I smoked a few chickens on the BGE, roasted some vegetables, and made some corn fritters.  All I can say is that there is plenty of chicken and veggies left, but all 10 fritters have been devoured.

Using a ratio (sorry, I can't help myself).  A fritter is simply pancake batter minus the fat.  The ratio is 2:2:1 (flour:liquid:egg).  A 1 egg batter will bind about a cup of garnish.  In this case fresh corn kernals.  A large egg weighs 2 ounces, so I used about 2 oz AP flour and 2 oz cornmeal (~1/2 cup minus a tablespoon of each), a tsp of baking powder, a tsp salt, a tsp chili powder, and about 1/2 cup milk, and the egg.  I stirred all together gently and then pan fried in about 1/8 inch depth of oil by the tablespoonful until done.  To prevent sogginess, transfer to a baking rack over paper towels while finishing subsequent batches.

These are terrific!  Try some next time you barbeque and let me know how many are left over.


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