Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting podcasts, new faces

There are a bunch of podcasts out there about wine, beer, scotch, food, sports, you name it. A couple that I ran across that I think are interesting are...

1. The Food Geek. This guy Brian from Charlottesville does a lot of commentary about food in general, but gets more into the pop culture of it, and delves more into the molecular gastronomy than a lot of the other shows do. His idol is Alton Brown (Good Eats, Food Network), and it shows. There aren't really any recipes to speak of, but its interesting nonetheless.
2. The Scotch Cast. While these guys aren't sitting around playing Magic the Gathering, they're drinking single malt scotch whiskey, and talking about it. If you like scotch, or are interested in knowing a lot about it, I suggest that you listen to this podcast. They typically drink stuff that's around 50 a bottle, and really get into the production of it. Occasionally they splurge, but most of the stuff I hear them talking about, I can get at my local shop.
3. William (AKA Bill) Wilson Wine for Newbies. He hasn't added any new posts to it, but he does an extensive job of getting into every varietal and giving you a good working knowledge of what's out there. They post onto an audio blog that explores new, little-known productions such as South American, New Zealand, Germany, etc. If you want an audio textbook about wine in general, this is it.
4. The DawgCast. For those Bulldog lovers out there, these two clowns do this podcast which is obviously more active during the football season (do we even have a basketball team?). They're pretty funny, and they say all the stuff that you know, it's just nice to hear it, especially when you're in the college-sports clueless Midwest.
5. Larry Munson's commentary. You need to listen to this (again non-Bulldog lovers probably need not apply) to get a sense of just how off his rocker Larry Munson is. This is supposed to be a show about Georgia sports, particularly football, with a Larry Munson spin. What it winds up being is an audio blog about his movie group >2/3 of the time. Good luck with that.
6. The WFNZ Whiner Line RSS feed. It's very ACC heavy, given that it's in Charlotte, but to hear these people call in and go crazy about various things is hysterical. The premise is that there's a voicemail that you can call any time day or night to complain about what's pissing you off the most, usually something related to sports. They pick their favorite ones, and they play them twice a day in the afternoon on their radio show. There are some recurring characters on there: Bradley from Pickens (SC), The Wild Wolfpack Man, Cold Pizza (some stoner that calls in unintelligible messages), Mark from Charlotte, the QCB (Queen City Bitch), Mike from Gastonia, etc.

All but the last one is on ITunes podcast.

Just to let you know that we have a couple of new people that are in on the fun. Here's everyone that has posting priveleges.

Farin, fellow trauma dude in Nashville
Brian, married the older sister but has logged more restaurant time than most people I know
GOscar, trauma dude in Nashville, but apparently hasn't figured out how to post anything or just won't. For that, I'd say his wine and culinary expertise have to be held suspect... Yeah, dude I'm callin' ya out.
JW, UGA/MCG pal in Augusta. The man can flat out do it. And if it's grilling expertise you want, look no further.
OG, trauma dude West and North in Saint Louis, Missouri. I married the younger sister, and then moved her west of the Mississippi and North of the Mason-Dixon line. WTH was I thinking?

Feedback, this thing belongs to us, we can do with what we want. You wanna go public? Fine. You want to advertise and make some money, we can do that to. You want to eliminate the sports talk and make something separate, no big deal. I'm going to start tagging the posts because there are enough on here now that it's not a chipshot to find them.

Anyway, welcome to our new posters, we're all eager to hear new things. I'm also welcoming any comments about beer, wine, spirits, etc.

Hasta la vista homies.

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